“I can’t do it!” She angrily shoved her notebook across her desk and raked her hands through her hair, frustration oozing out of her pores. 

Her teacher calmly slid the notebook back in front of her and picked up the tossed aside pencil.

“You can’t do it… yet,” the teacher said, and patted the girl on her shoulder.



On its own, it seems like such a small and insignificant word, but when added on to a sentence, it suddenly gains such power.

“I don’t get it… yet.”
“I can’t do it… yet.”
“I don’t know how… yet.”
“I haven’t finished… yet.”
“I didn’t hit my goal… yet.”

I sat at my daughter’s open house at school, listening to her teachers speak about their motto of “yet,” and I felt like a lightning bolt had flashed right in front of me, sparking inspiration in a new way. What a wonderful way to view not only a classroom of students, but life in general!


There is so much power behind that word. So much freedom! How liberating it is to not feel stuck in the negative “I can’t” or “I won’t” trap. To know that the “can’t” is just for the moment only. The possibility still exists. The goal is still attainable.

The power still resides in yourself to make things happen!

So the next time you feel frustrated or feel like something is never going to happen, remember the power of yet.
Take a deep breath.
Change your statement and tack “yet” on to the end of it and watch a whole world of possibility light up before your eyes.
Feel that freedom and allow yourself to soar to new heights!

Your story isn’t over… yet.



Photo Credit: christopherdale Possibilities via photopin (license)