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On the verge of confronting adulthood, high school seniors Braedon Byrd and Juliana Miller discover a hidden orchard that seems like the perfect escape to create a little fun; but the orchard has a secret, and when magic is unleashed, it threatens to trap them in separate alternative realities with a malicious shadow following their every move—the future is at stake, time is running out, and they only have one bite of magic apple left….

Picture Books…


Not your typical “Santa Claus coming to town” story, The Little Tree is a heartwarming tale about a small, not-so-perfect tree that hopes with all her might to have a home to light up for the Christmas season. She soon gets her wish when a young girl named Susan walks by. And so begins the story of a very special Christmas season told from the tree’s point of view. Parents will love the subtle lessons on family, friendship, loss, and most of all, love. Children will be caught up in the gentle story of a few enchanting weeks in Susan’s life. The Little Tree is a novelty book that is a perfect combination of a fresh look at a magical season, incorporating childhood fantasies, important life lessons, and an easy-to-read style that children and adults of all ages will enjoy and treasure year after year! As an added bonus, this picture book can include an ornament for the child’s own tree that is fashioned after the special box that Susan makes in the story – making The Little Tree a treasure for families to enjoy over and over in more ways than just one! 



Imagine being the only child in your 2nd grade class with braces. How would you feel? What if you were physically disabled and had to spend your life in a wheelchair? How do you think the other children in your class would respond to you? Classrooms are increasingly becoming more diverse and children are dealing with a new variety of problems and issues that were not so prevalent even just a few years ago. This picture book set helps fulfill the void of books geared to the younger elementary school-aged child to deal with some of these issues. 

This set focuses on one classroom of students and their teacher, Mrs. Norman. Mrs. Norman is everyone’s favorite teacher. She is kind, smart, creative, and has the patience of saint – especially since she has a very diverse classroom when it comes to lifestyle, ethnicity, looks, physical challenges, and interests. By following Mrs. Norman and the problems confronted by her class, this comprehensive series that can benefit both schools and homes by giving parents and teachers a new resource to turn to that is geared specifically towards helping children understand some of the differences that make us all special, and how to deal with some of the issues they may encounter in their own lives.

Although this is written as a set of books, each book can easily stand on its own. Children will adore the antics and colorful characters in Mrs. Norman’s class, while adults will value the life lessons embedded in the stories. Besides the books listed below, future books in this set will also deal with immigrating to the U.S., parents going through a divorce, getting a first pair of glasses, a favorite pet dying, and other topics as well. 



The first book in the Mrs. Norman set introduces the idea that sometimes we can all feel different or left out for various reasons. After listening to her class bicker and tease each other for their differences, Mrs. Norman has sent her class on a special project – to determine what it is that makes each of them feel left out or “weird,” and how they could possibly deal with that. Each successive book in this set will, in a creative way, focus on one issue that the child feels is a problem in his/her life.  


Part of the Mrs. Norman set, this book deals with one girl’s challenges in living life with Cerebral Palsy. A great book to help explain to other children what it is like to live with a physical challenge!  


Part of the Mrs. Norman set, this book reveals what it is like to be the first one in your class with braces. 


Part of the Mrs. Norman set, this book follows little Dee Sanders as she tries to deal with her very curly hair and the taunts of the other “normal-looking” kids in her class. 


Part of the Mrs. Norman set, this book explores what life is like for one only child.

Short Fiction…


A secret room that has been forgotten for many years. A man that seems to exist in a place beyond time. A cracked picture frame with a secret spell of its own. A birthday that is never quite completed. A seeming sanctuary that casts an evil glow. Readers of this chilling story will never look at books, or a rose, the same way again!


Sheri and her brother are visiting at their grandmother’s farm for the first time. Expecting a boring week away with nothing to do but pick apples, Sheri is not very excited to be there. She stumbles upon an old graveyard at the back of the property. Finding a mysterious note alluding to a murder from over 100 years ago, Sheri realizes there is something more going on. Suddenly ripped from her own time, Sheri finds herself back in the 1800s with a very important mission. She needs to stop the murder and help the beautiful seamstress – the future depends on it. But who is this woman she is compelled to help? And will she be able to change the past, or will she be too late?


Jersey Evans is a young girl that has moved around all her life. Her father is a big horse racing fan and her mother cares more about fitting in with all the ladies at the galas than to try to spend some time with her daughter. For the past 3 years, their family has spent their summers in Saratoga Springs, NY while her father races their horses at the historic race track. Jersey loves the horses, but hates the politics behind the racing. She goes down to the stables and befriends one of the workers. With her new friend, she learns more about the horses and the character behind one of the country’s oldest past-times. But when she is faced with one of the ugly aspects of the sport – the slaughterhouse – Jersey needs to find a way to help her new friends and bring her family back together.


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