Jenna E. Caputo


I am a writer who still believes in the power of dreams.

I believe that magic hides in our everyday lives.

And I believe that books and storytelling are the portals to life’s greatest pleasures…. 



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I am primarily a kidlit writer and entrepreneur with a varied background and interests. To learn more about my background, writing, and musings, please feel free to click around through the top menu to what most interests you.

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What People Are Saying

“One of the Best”

“Jenna is one of the best content writers and editors I’ve ever met. When working for our magazines, she excels in writing cover stories about local families, community leaders and small business owners. These cover stories really capture the essence of the person and help to elevate their story in the community. I am grateful she is a part of the magazine. I would highly recommend her writing and skills to anyone needing creative and interesting content.”

-Jessie R.
Kitanie Books

“Nailed it!”

“Holy!!! You nailed it!! Nice work!! Seriously, I couldn’t be more happy with the way that you put into words my feelings and thoughts. You wrote it with such flair and it is a reflection of my personality. Wow. Thank you so much Jenna!!”

-Kathleen S.


“Wow, you’ve done an absolutely splendid job of making it seem as if we sat down for coffee and chatted for an afternoon. As the subject of the interview, I’m flattered by the lovely tone of the article. As a writer, I’m darn impressed. It’s terrific!”

-Annie Stiles
Author The Heritage View series


Jenna excels as a writer, from screenplays and scripts to technical and business to magazine and news articles. She is an awesome editor as well – and we are proud to have her as our Editor and Content Director at Clifton Park Neighbors & Niskayuna Neighbors. Everyone loves working with her, from the community to the businesses to the students to her team. Thank you Jenna!”

-Barb Schrader
Publisher, Best Version Media

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Let It Flow

Let It Flow

I'm gonna say it - Writing is hard. I don't mean shooting out a quick email or text. I'm talking about writing a story. It doesn't matter how much schooling you've had or how many "rules" you know, or even how many books you have published, writing is still hard. It's...

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New Year, New You – Blah, Blah, Blah

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